Liz Clark is a young woman who has always been in love with the sea, whom life after completing her degree in Marine Biology, offered her the opportunity to explore the world aboard the boat of her former teacher and mentor. Liz translated this trip into an inspiring  book “SWELL“, in which she portrays with a passionate honesty all the ups and downs of an adventure that changed her life and most likely of all those who have the pleasure of reading her wise and inspiring experiences. It is with a mixture of pride and enormous satisfaction that we share the interview given by Liz to the Sonhadorismo projet.



SDO : Hi Liz! A classic question to start this interview would be “who is Liz Clark?”, but let´s do it a bit differently. Imagine a Dolphin who sticks his nose out of the water and stare at you in your boat. If you were that dolphin, what would you think about that girl?

LIZ : I would think she looks fun, kind, compassionate! Like a kindred spirit to a dolphin!


SDO : What makes you truly happy?

LIZ : Being in nature. Surfing with friends. Seeing my family and friends happy. Eating yummy plant-based foods. Sharing. Working on creating positive change in the world.



SDO : When reading the book about your solo trip, what strike me most was how brutally honest you are when sharing your feelings about the experiences you went through. What role authenticity plays in your life?

LIZ : Authenticity is liberating. It is life-long work to try to live in alignment with our values, be ourselves fully, and be honest with ourselves and others about who we are. But the rewards for this introspection and action are unlimited.


SDO : What do you hope to create in the mind of the person who reads your book?

LIZ : I hope they feel more courageous to pursue their dreams, and more hopeful and inspired that we can create a better world.


SDO : Sometimes we look around and things look pretty bad. Wars, pollution, corruption… all this make people wonder if we will ever get in the right track and if its worth to do anything about it. How do deal with this issues and which strategy do you take to not be affected to the point you lose faith on keep doing what is meaningful for you?

LIZ : It’s hard to stay hopeful sometimes, but I try to stay balanced by getting out in nature to marvel at this beautiful world, and being with good friends to laugh and share connection sometimes.



SDO : What one “Golden Rule” do you live by?

LIZ: Treat others how you would like to be treated.


SDO :Fear is the reason why many youth don´t take the decision of connecting themselves with their passions and embrace more fulfilled lifes. Being someone who has been challenged so many times by the mighty power of mother nature, what would you whisper to a kid who is stuck by fear?

LIZ : I would say that for me, the fear never went away completely, I just learned how to manage it. By going slowly, studying, practicing, and gaining confidence little by little, my fears became less paralyzing. It’s not important to conquer all of our fears, but it is important to face the ones that we feel really called to overcome.


THIS PHOTO IS LICENSED FOR PR / PROMOTION OF PATAGONIA BOOK “Swell by Captain Liz Clark” ONLY. Always ready for a new adventure. PHOTO: JIANCA LAZARUS


SDO : What are you currently listening to on your playlist?

LIZ :I love reggae music.


SDO : If you had the opportunity to shout anything to the entire world, would be……

LIZ: “Animals are our friends. Stop eating them!”


SDO : What´s Liz next big Dream?

LIZ : I want to help create a more sustainable and just future where all beings can thrive and all people have the liberty and opportunity to pursue their dreams and reach their highest potential.


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