1. Who is Léa?

R: Am a 29 years old woman, surfer, adventure and travel addict and a nurse.

  1. Your last clip shows a very intense feeling of oneness and connectedness with the environment where you live. Tell us a bit more how it feels to live in a place like Lofoten Island.

R: Lofoten Islands, along with other rather remote and isolated community has a strog power to federate people around their passions yet allow them to feel free and unique somewhere there is a lot of space for everyone.

  1. It was always clear for you that you would follow this path or can you recall a special momento or event in you life that lead you to search for something more authentic? How do you see the world from your van?

R: When I travel in my van, I find myself into situations, not always fun, but that would never happen in “real life”. I make friends with people I would never cross path with. I eat food I would never try if I was in the comfort of an established lifestyle. I can only recall of a tone of moments when everything felt just right being on the road and having to deal with a new backyard every morning. Home is everywhere as long as you carry it with you. The comfortable place is within you somehow.

  1. What inspires you most?

R: Nature is the most inspiring thing to me. Her colors, her designs, her incertitudes, her rudeness, and her jewell, her energy can never let me down. There is always life calling you in her representations. Small communities are inspiring too. How they manage to live remote, to deal with the same persons over and over, the way they overtake difficulties together and the fact that they have to listen to the words of Nature to survive as one.

  1. What makes you trully happy?

R: A good surf or a great dive with my love makes me trully happy.

  1. Who is the most inspirational individual who ever met through your journey?

R: I think women inspire me a lot, Liz Clark in particular. She is a solo sailor who left California 9 years ago. She has been an inspiration for several years. I was very lucky to meet her last year for the first time.

  1. What is your biggest fear?

R: Loosing perspective on life which means falling into an overwhelming everyday routine that takes me away from seeing the world through lenses of freedom.

  1. What makes you proud?

R: I am proud of all the choices I made to little by little see my dreams come true. It is tough at times, and I am deeply proud of holding on the direction I chose.

  1. If you get the opportunity to shout anything to the entire world, would be……

R: Keep things simple, you’ll be good to you and yours, and to the planet, refuse materialism, have only the bare minimum and use your time and money to share with your fellows.

  1. What´s Léa´s next big Dream?

R: Sail my 31feet monohull around French Polynesia with my lover.